On the 6th of February 2023, Unchained Vibes Africa welcomed representatitives of Corps Africa from Ghana and Senegal to its Head office to explore modes of Partnership in establishing Corps Africa branch in Nigeria.

About Corps Africa

Corps Africa is a non-profit organization that recruits and places ambitious young Africans in remote, high-poverty communities in their own countries to facilitate small-scale, high-impact projects that are identified by local people, fulfill key needs, and whose impact and success can be carefully measured, ​all through a transformative volunteer experience.

About the representatives

Moses Cofie is the Director of Corps Africa/Ghana. Prior to taking up this role, Moses was Country Director of Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana (EPL Ghana). He was responsible for strategic leadership and direction of the program, and program implementation and operational management. He led a team of young passionate workers to build EPL Ghana from scratch to what it is today, having taken up 80 smart fresh graduates as Fellows and groomed them, through EPL’s 2-year public service fellowship program, to work in Ghana’s Civil Service as permanent staff.

Mareme Ndour holds a Master’s in Geography from the Université Gaston Berger of St. Louis, Senegal. She was involved in two international research programs as a junior researcher and has co-authored several published scientific papers  about vulnerable communities in Africa. Mareme has a solid background in program management, event and workshop planning.

Photo Speaks: Reception of Corps Africa representatives from Senegal and Ghana

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