Unchained Vibes Africa

Leveraging the power of the arts to promote civic education, good governance, human rights, cultural diversity, and the spirit of solidarity in Africa.

About Us

Unchained Vibes Africa (UVA) is a cultural organization and social enterprise committed to developing arts and culture projects geared towards social causes.

Our Work


We produce works of art that address social, political, economic and environmental problems in Africa, using music, drama, visual arts, spoken word poetry and comedy. 

Capacity Building

We help artists and cultural practitioners to further develop their skills and managerial
capacities. We design workshops and professional trainings in cultural entrepreneurship, cultural advocacy, copyright protection, etc.


We organize concerts, talk shows and live performances that highlight social issues, create awareness and sensitize the public.

Cultural Exchange

We develop initiatives that encourage respect for cultural diversity and promote intercultural understanding.

So far, we have built a foundation with the experiment of a cultural exchange between UVA and the Hip- hop Studies Department of Columbia College, Chicago. In September 2021, we partnered with the Co- founder of Chicago Hip-hop Initiative Amina Norman-Hawkins, a scholar at Columbia College who hosted UVA artists on her Hip-hop class alongside American Hip-hop students who had a very interesting interaction and exchange via Zoom.

In May 2022, we organized Africa Day, in partnership WeWe Africa from Zimbabwe sharing knowledge, information and practices about African cultures through the lens of our food/delicacies.


Little Islands Festival: Open Call for Site-Specific Projects (Greece)

The 5th Little Islands Festival, starting from Sikinos, invites new media and performing arts artists to submit proposals that engage with ecology, anthropology, and science in the enduring dialogue about the relationship between humanity and nature. The island frontier, which like life itself emerges from the liquid element, becomes the principal space for exploring modern contradictions of human geography through art.

1000 Poets for Change: UVA and CAC close LABAF with Voter Education and Mobilization

The 24th edition of the annual Lagos Book and Art Festival (LABAF), organized by the Committee for Relevant Art (CORA), ended on Sunday 20th of November 2022 with 1000 Poets for Change show at the Freedom Park in Lagos. The show was produced by Unchained Vibes Africa (UVA) in partnership with Culture Advocates Caucus (CAC). With the theme Politically Motivated towards 2023 Elections, the show provided a creative platform for voter education, mobilization and general civic engagement by attendees of the festival.

Unchained Vibes calls on the police to embrace dialogue with artists

The Executive Producer of Unchained Vibes Africa, Ayodele Ganiu, has called on the Nigerian Police Force not to enforce its new policy aimed at prosecuting movie and skit makers for using police uniform or portraying the police institution in movies and comedy skits without authorization. Speaking at the Youth and Policing Summit for southwest region hosted by the Network on Police Reforms in Nigeria (NOPRIN) in Lagos from 31st October – 1st November 2022, Ayodele advised the Police to change their approach from coercing artists to embracing dialogue. He noted that skit makers and filmmakers have massive followers and can be strategic partners with the police in improving the relationship between the police and the people, especially the youth, if properly engaged.

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